Ex-Muslima in Germany about sexual assaults: “Without headscarf you are fair game”. Is now threatened with death – #Islam, #Muslims

Ex-Muslima in Germany about sexual assaults: “Without headscarf you are fair game”. Is now threatened with death:

Allah in Europa

Als westerse vrouw zonder hoofddoek ben je loslopend wild. Dat zegt ex-moslima en feministisch activiste Zana Ramadani in Allah in Europa. Elke zondag, 20.15 uur NPO 2 VPRO Reisseries

Posted by VPRO on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Allah in Europe, the Dutch Public Broadcaster documentary TOC mentioned before, yesterday published a new episode. After the ‘cultural enrichment’ of marrying three wives and having nine children while being on welfare in Sweden, it was now time to talk about Germany. The full episode can be found here.

The selected fragment is an interview presenter Jan Leyers has with Zana Ramadani. She is introduced in the context of the 2015 new-years eve sexual assaults in Cologne. Note that only the ones in Cologne are mentioned: not any of the others during the same time, or since.

The documentary then cues Zana Ramadani, narrating that: “To Zana Ramadani, an ex-Muslima and feminist activist, what happened wasn’t a surprise. She knows, from experience, how different a woman with, and without a headscarf is treated on German streets.

Zana Ramadani: “As a Western woman, a woman not belonging to the Umma, the Muslim community, that doesn’t wear a headscarf, you are fair game. I notice the way I’m stared at by the men. ‘Hey, hey you want me to fuck you?’ That is the sort of thing that you get told as a woman.

Jan Leyers: “Is the headscarf an insurance against violence?

ZR: “It is a sign – in principle – that I am a good woman, I am an honourable woman: you can’t stare at me. And they don’t look at you, because in their society ‘oh, oh a headscarfed woman, can’t look at her,’ she’s a good woman. Can’t look at her. Can’t undress her with my eyes, and I’m not allowed to think about raping her. Oh, there’s a German. She’s not one of us. I can stare at her, I can also call her a slut.
And then there are the women that were born in the West, second and third generation, that say: this is freedom. It’s our own decision. We can determine for ourselves whether or not we want to wear a headscarf.

JL: “That’s the argument: that for most it’s their own, free choice.

ZR: “But for most, it’s not their own free choice, there is no choice. When I’m told from a young age: when you wear a headscarf, and when you act like this, that is a good woman. [short pause] A girl that grows up with these thoughts, that sometimes wears a headscarf from as young as six, seven years old, how much freedom does she have? For them, it’s not liberty, it’s coercion: and to deny that for me is… absurd.

Ramadani doesn’t mince words. Because of that, she has been threatened. From an interview with German newspaper Süd Deutsche, talking about threats by conservative Muslims:

They call me whore, threaten to rape and murder me, and since I’m pregnant, to kick my child from my body.

H/t reader kevin a.

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