“It’s not 1389 – Serbia and Turkey are now friends”

“It’s not 1389 – Serbia and Turkey are now friends”:

Vucic made the comments during a joint news conference with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, held after their meeting in Belgrade.

Vucic appraised that relations between the two countries would continue to improve going forward, and that this message, sent from Belgrade today, will be also be sent from Novi Pazar – a town in southwestern Serbia with a large Bosniak (Muslim) population – when Erdogan visits there on Wednesday.

Apparently referring to the year the Battle of Kosovo was fought – when Ottoman Turks started their centuries-long invasion and occupation of the medieval Serbian state – the president then said that “this is not 1389, as some think – this is 2017.”

“Our relations are important for Serbia’s future,” Vucic said.

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