China – Heavy snowfall at least a month early

China – Heavy snowfall at least a month early:

Trees collapse under the weight of the snow – Up to 35 cm (more than a foot) of snow in places.

14 Oct 2017: In China ahead of time the snow fell, paralyzing traffic in cities.
Road traffic is paralyzed in cities

In Qatahai and Gansu provinces, the snow fell at least a month ahead of time, for which the city was completely unprepared, CCTV reported.

The video (link below), prepared by Chinese television, shows that because of the bad weather in the cities, large snowdrifts formed, tree branches broke under the weight of wet snow, which, in turn, caused damage to cars. Traffic also suffered as many kilometers (miles) of traffic jams formed on the roads.

The inconvenient sharp change in the weather forced local farmers to accelerate harvesting.

See video:

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