Tommy Robinson: Media Ignored the FLA March. We Didn’t. (Video)

Tommy Robinson: Media Ignored the FLA March. We Didn’t:

On Saturday 7th October, the Football Lads Alliance marched in London against Islamic terrorism and sharia in Britain.

The march drew tens of thousands of people, but the media largely ignored it.

If they did talk about it, they called the FLA “racist.”

We met people from all over the country, and from all different backgrounds, that showed the media’s narrative was totally wrong.

I even spoke to a BBC journalist who admitted that, if they did run the story, they would call the FLA “far right” for wanting to control immigration!

Oh, and I finally got to meet Red Pill Phil!

It’s amazing the amount of lies the media are willing to tell, and how they won’t report on a story if the story doesn’t fit their narrative.

So I’m happy we were able to attend and report on what those marching with the FLA really believe.

H/t reader squodgy:

“I don’t feel comfortable with ‘the rebel’ connection, but this is TR at his best.”

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