WHO Warns of Dangerous Madagascar Pneumonic Plague Outbreak

WHO Warns of Dangerous Madagascar Pneumonic Plague Outbreak:

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent over a million doses of antibiotics to the African island nation of Madagascar after it was hit by an outbreak of pneumonic plague, the most virulent form of the deadly disease.

The plague outbreak in Madagascar island has resulted in some 200 confirmed infections and more than 30 deaths since August. Although the disease is endemic to the Indian Ocean island nation, with hundreds of cases reported annually, it normally hits in the form of Bubonic plague, transmitted when people are bitten by infected fleas carried by rats. Those outbreaks generally occur in remote rural areas of the island.

H/t reader squodgy:

“All these little incidents seem to be co-ordinated experiments.
Without being alarmist, the similarity with the way we were introduced to Bird Flu, Zika and Ebola in recent years, plus the mutating of the viruses by design to make them totally lethal, is indicative of the real probability of concerted deep state de-population programmes in the not too distant future.”

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5 thoughts on “WHO Warns of Dangerous Madagascar Pneumonic Plague Outbreak”

  1. Seriously, after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, what are the chances that somewhere close to this latest outbreak, lies a similar covert CIA funded Disease Research Laboratory?

    Anyone care to make a bet?


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