Why Precious Metals Are The Better LONG-TERM Store Of Value Over Bitcoin

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Why Precious Metals Are The Better LONG-TERM Store Of Value Over Bitcoin:

Many precious metals investors are starting to question whether gold and silver are still the best store of wealth in the future.  The reason Alternative Media community is starting to have doubts about their gold and silver investments is due to the rapidly rising value of the cryptocurrency market.  Also, a number of precious metals analysts have jumped ship and are now only supporting the cryptocurrencies as the next best thing since sliced bread.

While some precious metals analysts now believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the better assets to own in the future rather than gold and silver, I do not belong to that group or mindset.  I differ from these analysts based upon my energy analysis.  Unfortunately, these analysts that promote cryptocurrencies as the “New” digital assets of the future, are ignorant about the Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment, or are clueless to the dire energy predicament the world is facing.

I’ve received many emails from followers who wanted to know my opinion on the matter of “Precious Metals vs. Cryptos.”  So, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the fundamental reason why I believe the precious metals are still the KEY ASSETS to own in the future.

H/t reader squodgy:

“One can only conclude this is all a psyop charade & part of the plan to incrementally cajole, then herd us into the crypto-corral with microchip technology….may be not immediately but definitely by 2025 or even 2020 if they don’t get war.

I was listening to Jim Rickards the gamekeeper turned poacher, on the Richie Allan Show. He was asked what the little man should do to protect himself against the tidal wave of wealth loss coming our way.

He maintains physical assets like buildings & collectables will be pretty safe, but suggests anyone with any savings, including pensions, converts at least 10% into gold or silver while the price is being held down…..which could change tomorrow.”

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