Marseille Terrorist Ahmed Hanachi Avoided Deportation Day Before Attack

Marseille Terrorist Ahmed Hanachi Avoided Deportation Day Before Attack:

French prosecutors have confirmed 29-year-old illegal Tunisian migrant Ahmed Hanachi, who fatally stabbed two young women at a train station in Marseille, southern France, had avoided deportation after authorities failed to detain him the day before the attack.

Furthermore, the Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed the Tunisian had been arrested around a dozen times since his illegal entry into the country and operated under seven different identities.

The victims of the attack, who died after being stabbed whilst waiting for a train at Saint Charles station on Sunday, have also been named as cousins 21-year-old Laura Paumier (right) and 20-year-old Mauranne Harel (left) by French media.

Hanachi, whose identity was confirmed by Tunisian authorities as one of their nationals Monday evening, was shot dead by French soldiers on anti-terrorism duties as part of Operation Sentinel after he launched the attack.

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