Yes, 99 % of websites saying Hitler was a Jew or an agent are made by Jews (Hitler The Jew And The Faked WW2)


Yes, 99 % of websites saying Hitler was a jew or an agent are made by jews:

In the nationalist community, many people say that the stories of Hitler being a jew are bullshit, because they are told by jews. In the conspirationist community they say they are told by jews, or illuminati agents or CIA agents, etc… So, for them, those stories are phony.
And yes, they are right.
Indeed, 99 % of the websites saying Hitler was a jew are run by jews and are talking bullshit.
So, it is perfectly understandable that most of those people think that Hitler wasn’t a jew or an agent and that those stories are phony.
In the conspirationist community, people are more receptive to the idea that Hitler was a jew or a mason. So, there are much more people believing that Hitler was not what he seemed to be than in the nationalist community. But usually, they are more easily deceived about the whole story than nationalists who have begun to understand what all this was about.
The question is: why would Jewish leaders do such a thing?
At first sight, it doesn’t make any sense.
If it was false, if Hitler was really a Gentile Nazi, why would Jewish leaders make so many websites of this kind? It wouldn’t make any sense. I mean, they have a golden story. With Hitler being a real Gentile Nazi, they have the perfect Gentile bad guy. They can make Gentiles feel guilty during centuries about the bad Hitler killing poor jews, and the vile Gentiles doing nothing to stop him. They have the perfect incarnation of evil. It has worked perfectly well for 60 years. Why would they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Why introduce confusion?
And if it was true, at first sight, it still doesn’t make any sense. If Hitler was really a Zionist jew working for more powerful Jewish leaders, the later would do anything to avoid the awakening of people regarding this question. They would do anything to prevent people from understanding this enormous plot. Thus, sending their valets in order to say that Hitler was a jew, or an agent is absurd. They had a perfect situation where people believed the official theory without questioning it. The deception was perfect. And suddenly, they would destroy themselves all the good work, regarding such a crucial topic? Incredible.
But, if Hitler was a Zionist jew, there is one case which makes this behavior logical: it’s if people begin to understand. In this case, it can be profitable to reveal a part of the truth. By doing this, you deceive people into theories which will neutralize the revolutionary potential of the complete truth. Thus, people still don’t understand the real deal, and you still win. In fact, doing this is even necessary. If you don’t do that, then you let the field open to real truthers. And quickly, there will be many people believing the right version of the story. Maybe even if there is only a threat that people begin to understand, it can be enough to begin to send valets to reveal half-truths.
So, to the question “why would Jewish leaders do such a thing”? The answer is: Because it’s true, and because some people began to understand the truth, or because Jewish leaders feared that some people would soon be able to understand it. And if the truth about Hitler was known by gentiles and ordinary jews, it would be apocalyptic for Jewish leaders. Thus, they need to introduce confusion in order to avoid having Gentiles and ordinary jews to be able to understand what is going on.
This is why you can have 99 % of the website saying Hitler was a jew being run by jews themselves and still the story be true.
Of course, Jewish leaders could also say this theory is bullshit and make people feel guilty to think about such a “stupid” thing. The problem with this solution is that it’s not 2001 anymore. Conspirationism is now much more widespread. A lot people would believe that Hitler was a zionist jew. And it would spread quickly. They use this solution, but much less than the confusion strategy. They use it for ordinary people and for nationalists, but not for conspirationists (who are the people who really count in that matter). It’s a complementary solution, but not the main one.
The other problem is that, as we have seen in another article, ordinary jews know that Hitler was jewish to some extent. So, saying it’s bullshit wouldn’t work with jews. Thus, Jewish leaders need to introduce maximum confusion in order to avoid that jews understand the real deal. As we have seen this in another article, they have already introduced lies about Hitler being quarter jewish and a self-hating jew during the 30’s. As jews are quite paranoid and knows that conspiracies are for real, if they found the real deal (like the present blog), they would very quickly understand the plot from their “beloved” leaders. And a big part of the obedience from ordinary jews toward their leaders come from their belief that they are on the same wavelength and that they all are one (money and fear and other things form the other parts).
So, the idea is to introduce maximum confusion by pushing different versions of the story (which never give you the whole figure), and making quite obvious that most of the guys telling them are in fact jews or agents. This is why there are numerous versions of Hitler begin a jew, a mason, an agent, etc… The goal is to avoid that Gentiles and ordinary jews understand the real deal.
Let’s remember the good version first: Hitler was a full jew put in place by more powerful Jewish leaders in order to give a reason to create Israel (the suffering of jews and the holocaust) and to push jews to go to Israel. The war was completely staged by Jewish leaders, as all the other events which took place before WWII.

Now, let’s see what those false versions are:

  • Hitler was quarter Jewish and a self-hating jew. He made all this alone. He didn’t work for more powerful jews. The whole story (war, holocaust, etc…) is the same, except that Hitler was quarter Jewish and hated jews because of that.
  • Hitler was a Gentile working for the illuminatis; and not for the Jewish leaders who wanted to create Israel. The goal for the illuminatis was to gain control of Germany and to have more control over people.
  • Same thing, but with Hitler being quarter Jewish.
  • Same thing. But the goal of the illuminatis was to create Israel and to push jews to migrate there. The illuminati needed to create Israel because it would be a necessary step toward the advent of the anti-Christ.
  • Quarter Jewish or not, he was a man of the illuminatis or of the Jewish leaders, but rebelled against them. This is why illuminatis or the Jewish leaders declared war on him.
  • Jewish leaders just pushed Hitler. They just helped him to get the power. But he was independent from them and after that, didn’t obey them anymore.
  • He worked for the Rothschild. The intermediary goal was to create Israel and to push jews to go there. But the real goal was to create a personal kingdom for the Rothschild in Israel (thus, even Jewish leaders are a puppet of the Rothschild).
  • He worked for the British government.
  • Hitler was a reptilian and all those events were a part of a great galactic conspiracy against humanity.
  • On one or two occasions, I have seen websites giving the good version (but with few details) among false ones (Henry Markow).
  • Others… (for example, Speer Willams says that Zionist leaders are white who want to spread anti-Semitism and finally exterminate the Semitic gene)
In those versions of the history, they will often introduce or not the following element. Hitler has indeed ordered the holocaust. For the conspirationists or the nationalists who know the holocaust is a lie (that is, most of them), it makes them reject right away the theory that Hitler was a jew or an agent. It’s quite convenient. For other people, it won’t prevent them from believing the story. But then, the story is finally not far from the official story (except that Hitler was illuminati). And in some versions, this will introduce discrepancies. For example, if the goal of Hitler was to send jews to Israel, why kill them? Thus, those people will believe that these conspiracy theories about Hitler are all bullshit.
By making obvious that the guys who defend those false versions of the story are jews or masons or at least agents of the jews or the CIA, Jewish leaders make also sure to neutralize the problem. Many people will understand one day or another that those people are agents; so, they will think that those stories are phony and that the only true one is the official story (minus the holocaust part eventually). And if they don’t discover that these stories are made by agents, they will believe one of those false versions which lead to nowhere. Only one or two % will understand the real truth. Thus, for Jewish leaders, the job will be done.
And with all those different versions, some of them being completely ridiculous, many people who discover them will tend to reject all this en masse.
Why did they begin to make those websites only near 2006-2007? It’s because some Gentiles have very probably begun to talk about this on some websites (with the right version of course). Then, Jewish leaders knew they had to introduce confusion very quickly. Otherwise, the real deal would have been the only one present on the web. And they couldn’t afford to have this situation.
As we have already seen it before, Jewish leaders have already lied about Hitler in the 30’s. As ordinary jews knew Hitler was jew to some extent, Jewish leaders had to promote discretely the theory that Hitler was a self-hating quarter Jew and hated jews for that. So, they made it before, but it was only for jews. And it was quite different from now. They didn’t use the “confusion strategy”. At this time, as they controlled entirely the media, they didn’t have to use it. They just introduced one lie in order to make fit the official story with what jews already knew about Hitler. Whereas now, Jewish leaders try to introduce maximum confusion in order to maintain more or less the official theory.
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