‘We can go INSTANTLY’ British diesel-importer DESTROYS politicians Brexit delay ‘NONSENSE’

‘We can go INSTANTLY’ British diesel-importer DESTROYS politicians Brexit delay ‘NONSENSE’:

A FURIOUS Brexiteer has insisted the UK can leave the European Union “instantly” during a heated debate Britain’s break from the bloc.

Appearing on a Channel 4 News Leave-voters debate, the audience member – a diesel importer – hit out at the time taken to get divorce talks underwayHe blasted the “nonsense” coming from politicians calling for a drawn-out negotiation period.

The audience member said: “There’s no free trade in services and goods, I do this for a living, I import diesel into this country – this is all absolute nonsense what these politicians are saying.

“There are only two systems there’s ECMS (Electronic Confirmation Matching System) which is the system that the European Union uses and there’s CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) which is the rest of the world.

“And you can switch any trade from any country in the world just by deciding which system it’s on – all they need to make a decision of is when and what day we’re doing this, we’ll do the rest, they don’t need to do anymore.”When asked about how long it would take to switch systems, the man said it could be done “instantly”.

The comments come after Brexit Secretary David Davis and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, held a press conference after the latest round of talks.

Mr Davis said the UK was making “decisive steps forward” in its negotiations with the European Union.

He said British courts would take into account EU law, claiming the foundations for his proposals were to “end the anxiety” of EU citizens in the UK.The Brexiteer also insisted he had held “very constructive” talks on the financial settlement with Mr Barnier, adding there was scope to “explore” a transitional deal, as set out by Mrs May in her speech.

Mr Barnier confirmed he was happy with the clarity on certain points made by Mrs May.

He said: “The Prime Minister’s speech in Florence has created a new dynamic in the negotiations.

“We have managed to create clarity on some points but for others, we are not there yet and more work remains to be done.

“We will keep working with a constructive spirit until we reach a deal on the essential principles on the UK’s withdrawal.”

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