1 thought on “Record Cold, Record Snow, it Must be Global Warming (Video)”

  1. More snow means more water aloft, which is not a sign of low temperatures. But freezing is.

    About cold in Siberia. There is now happening a huge pressure high system over Finland, which started few days ago from Greenland all of a sudden, where it started to form Sep 19. Really huge high-pressure system, which turns clockwise on northern hemisphere. So while into central Europe it pushes air from unusual direction, from Balkan and middle East, onto Siberia it pushes North-pole air, hence the Siberian cold. Which also means, that other side is probably pumping warmer air from Europe onto the pole.
    Spain received on Sep 17 direct hit of air from below Greenland from the very north of Canada, where it just turned on a way directly from north pole…

    So although this pumping of polar air into lower latitudes is not that much usual on this scale, let’s wait for end of year before summing, how did it evolve in “global” sum…


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