Virginia: Charlottesville Celebrates First Gay Neo-Nazi Marriage

Virginia : Charlottesville celebrates first gay neo-Nazi marriage:

Charlottesville, VA | Amidst the utter chaos and violence of the recent Charlottesville riots, two neo-Nazi lovers have decided to unite their destinies together.

Under the auspice of Father Bartholomew Frederickson of the St-Francis Episcopal Church, two neo-Nazis have united their lives under God during what is believed to be the largest white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members rally in decades.

“What better day to show our love to the world than this beautiful event which reunites thousands of people of the same faith and racial beliefs,” happily married Matthew Brooks told reporters.

“Not all neo-Nazis are against gays. Love between two white Aryan males is a beautiful thing, but it wouldn’t be the same thing with a negro or a fence-hopper,” he explained.

The marriage that was officiated by Father Frederickson in a private house where 62 guests took part in the festivities is officially the first “gay neo-Nazi union” in the state of Virginia according to newly weds Matthew Brooks, 56, and Shawn Thomas, 52.

Although the newly weds are both members of the Virginia-based Vanguard America white supremacist group since 2005,  no official spokesman of Vanguard America was available for comments.

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