Syria’s President Exposed A Flaw In US Foreign Policy That No One Wants To Talk About

Syria’s President Exposed A Flaw In US Foreign Policy That No One Wants To Talk About:

In an interview with RT in 2015, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uttered perhaps one of his most intriguing statements since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011. Assad stated:

“Western propaganda has, from the very beginning, been about the cause of the problem being the president. Why? Because they want to portray the whole problem in Syria lies in one individual; and consequently the natural reaction for many people is that, if the problem lies in one individual, that individual should not be more important than the entire homeland. So let that individual go and things will be alright. That’s how they oversimplify things in the West.”  [emphasis added]

He continued:

Notice what happened in the Western media since the coup in Ukraine. What happened? President Putin was transformed from a friend of the West to a foe and, yet again, he was characterized as a tsar…This is Western propaganda. They say that if the president went things will get better. [emphasis added]

Putting aside Assad’s vast and extensive list of war crimes and crimes against humanity, Assad highlighted one of the major flaws in Western thinking regarding America’s hostile policies toward a number of independent states.

Just look at the current to-and-fro-ing between North Korea and the United States to gather an accurate picture of what is being referred to here. The problem of North Korea is consistently portrayed in the media as caused by one person (current leader Kim Jong-un), a narrative that ultimately ignores the role America and its allies have played in this current crisis. As Anti-Media previously highlighted:

“…the problem [North Korean crisis] is constantly framed as one caused by North Korea alone, not the United States. ‘How to Deal With North Korea,’ the Atlantic explains. ‘What Can Trump Do About North Korea?’ the New York Times asks. ‘What Can Possibly Be Done About North Korea,’ the Huffington Post queries. Time provides 6 experts discussing ‘How We Can Solve the Problem’ (of North Korea). ‘North Korea – what can the outside world do?’ asks the BBC.”

What the media is really advancing here – particularly when one talks about a military option as a response to dealing with North Korea’s rogue actions – is the notion that if the U.S. could only take out Kim Jong-un, the problem of North Korea would disappear.

Would the death of one man rid every single North Korean of the hostility and hatred they harbor toward the United States when many know full well that in the early 1950s the U.S. bombed North Korea so relentlessly they eventually ran out of targets to hit — that the U.S. military killed off at least 20 percent of the civilian population?

If Kim Jong-un is removed, will North Koreans suddenly forget that nearly every North Korean alive today has a family relative that was killed by the United States in the 1950s?

In the simple corporate media narrative, yes they will. Killing that one person and removing them from office will not only save the country they brutalize but will also provide security and stability for the rest of the world.

Never mind that prior to the U.S.-NATO onslaught of Libya in 2011, Libya had the highest standard of living in the African continent. The Times once admitted that its healthcare system was the “envy of the region.” Now, the country has completely collapsed, with well over two million children out of school, countless migrants drowning in its waters, extremism running unchecked and unchallenged, and traders openly selling slaves like a commodity.

Let’s suppose every single accusation against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was true (they weren’t); how can it be said that destroying a country’s infrastructure and assassinating its leader in flagrant disregard of international law is a realistic solution to any problem? If you oppose Donald Trump, would a Russian-led military intervention solve your problems with the country he rules over?

Forget what you think you know about Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Jong-un, Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro – the narrative Western governments and their media mouthpieces have promulgated for the last few decades remains completely nonsensical. You can’t solve Syria’s or Venezuela’s problems by removing their current leaders, especially if you attempt to do it by force. Anyone who claims this is possible is lying to you and is also too naïve and indolent to bother researching the current situations in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq – to name a few.

The fact that the U.S. evidently doesn’t want to solve any problems at all – that it merely seeks to overthrow leaders that don’t succumb to its wishes – is a topic for a separate article but is certainly worth mentioning here as well.

The same can ultimately be said of Donald Trump. Since his election victory, many celebrities, media pundits, and members of the intelligence community have sought to unseat and discredit him. Yet Donald Trump is merely a horrifying symptom of America’s problems; to think he alone caused them and that by removing him from office the U.S. would suddenly become a safe-haven of freedom and liberty is nothing short of idiotic.

If you agree with the latter sentiment, you must also concede that the problems facing North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere could never be solved by the U.S. forcibly removing their leaders.

If Assad was removed from Syria, would extremism disappear or would it thrive in the political vacuum as it did in Iraq? Could Syria’s internal issues — which are much more extensive than the corporate media would have us believe — be solved by something as simple as removing its current leader? Can anyone name a country where this has been tried and tested as a true model for solving a sovereign nation’s internal crises? Anyone who truly believes a country’s problems can be solved in this facile way needs to do a bit more reading.

If you can recognize this dilemma, you can agree that it’s time for the media to completely undo the simplicity in its coverage of these issues and start reporting on the genuine diplomatic options that could be pursued, instead.

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1 thought on “Syria’s President Exposed A Flaw In US Foreign Policy That No One Wants To Talk About”

  1. Assad is right.

    But this: “vast and extensive list of war crimes” is mostly fake !
    Assad did not use chemical weapons, opposition terrorists did. Lies about Assad’s jail torture are most probably false.
    (This brought one obvious thing, that Arabs on both sides of this conflict are shameless liars. Al-Jazeera just repeats lies of arabs in Syria. English BBC makes long hours of english-based reporters discussing and unrolling lies of arabs in Syria. Only channels, that have a honest European reporter on the place are trustworthy…)

    Fighting terrorist mercenaries, who are destroying country, vindicates use of force.
    Comparing Aleppo with Mosul, in Aleppo there were humanitarian corridors and supplies to ease life of civilians, multiple ceasefire attempts, exchange of people. Claims about bombing last hospital came from obvious liars. White helmet propaganda outlet, while being filmed beheading children, focused on spreading fake stories…
    In Mosul, 40,000 dead civilians, obvious destruction, and bombing targeting civilians that much more blatantly than in Aleppo…

    Instead of “Assads list of war crimes” you should have written “list of war crimes accusations”.

    About personal cults and anti-cults this article is right…
    (Just need to say, that the accusations against many of those leaders are usually partly or completely false. But even if they were right, removing one person does not repair the system…)

    Putin is one of most honest men today, with great democratic support in his country, with a lot of transparency in deeds and talks.
    Gaddafi had best form of socialism and direct democracy in his country.
    Hussein – if you see, how savage are arabs living there, it’s no surprise they need to be dealt with by means which Hussein used well. Otherwise they did not live that bad under his rule…
    Kim Jong-un is probably a gangster, like many US politicians, and a man poisoned by a pride, but despise sanctions his country makes admirable accomplishments…
    Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela is an example, how a country can be destroyed by economic war from abroad (from USA).
    Assad has great democratic support and popularity among people accross most faiths in Syria, and from all Christians most.

    Otherwise, from western media most of the time is being heard, how Thief Calls: Catch the Thief!
    Most things they accuse their oponents of are the things rather western TPTB themselves do… (aggressive drills, election influencing, war crimes, economic incompetence and frauds)


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