In the #MerkelLand 2.5 million German children live in poverty. But #Merkel says: Solidarity with refugees.

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2 thoughts on “In the #MerkelLand 2.5 million German children live in poverty. But #Merkel says: Solidarity with refugees.”

  1. It is a nonsense.

    First – German poverty-limit is far above neighbouring Czech republic average income (consider, that I now live with $400 a month, but a $900 a month is median income here, in German-neighbouring Czech republic), with similar or even lower prices of food and goods in Germany (there are a cross-border shoppers driving into german supermarkets for cheaper goods). German “poverty” is quite far above other Europe’s countries median. And guess, in Czech republic there are officially comparatively very few people living in poverty, because actual “poverty line” is so low that it’s hard to get below it…

    Second, “poverty” in Germany surely does not mean any starvation. Germans are by far margin economically very content with Merkel’s rule, which is why she is still there. (So it’s another Esau story of people selling their identity rights for some food and profit, similar to French, who voted for Macron just because they hoped and believed he will “feed” them by giving them work… I just guess how could they believe this anti-worker bankster such incredible campaign lies?)

    And last – how many children are in total in Germany ? Do you want to pretend, that some 15% of Germans (the richest european country) live in poverty? It sounds ridiculous…
    (Oh yes, because “poverty” in Europe is defined as a fraction of local median income, so by these rules regardless of actual situation, there will almost always live the bottom 10% in “poverty” just by it’s definition…)


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