Alternative Media Is Ignoring Venezuela’s Regime Change Problem

Alternative Media Is Ignoring Venezuela’s Regime Change Problem:

Independent media outlets tend to pose alternative viewpoints that conflict with the narratives espoused by mainstream media. But when it comes to Venezuela, whose socialist government is in danger of being overthrown, they are parroting the mainstream line or ignoring the issue altogether.

CARACAS– (Analysis)  Even though the independent media community in the West is diverse, there are often some common themes that unite alternative media outlets from different sides of the political spectrum. Common among these unifying forces is a criticism of the U.S. imperial war machine and U.S. efforts – both covert and direct – to subject governments throughout the world to regime change, often for simply conflicting with the U.S.’ “national interest.”

This has held true for independent media coverage of U.S.-led regime change efforts in countries like Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria, where the reporting of most alternative media outlets has brought them into direct conflict with mainstream media, government-approved narratives. However, for several conservative-leaning independent media outlets, there is one glaring exception: Venezuela.

While some more left-leaning independent media sites have acknowledged the U.S.’ role in the destabilization of oil-rich Venezuela and its multi-million dollar funding of the political opposition, some on the more conservative side – such as Zero Hedge, InfoWars and We Are Change – have often ignored this outright or only mentioned it as a mere afterthought.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Has ZERO HEDGE been compromised?
It was a worthy leader of Alt News anti establishment exposure, but after the deep state Hillary/Trump “Russia” issue, where the shadow government have relentlessly gone for the Alt News genre, both financially and subvertly, I am thinking that Zero Hedge, being a prime target & source, just might be under the microscope and this could be why they seem to be towing the official line.”

ZeroHedge has also been extremely unfair in their reporting about Iran.

There are so many alternative media outlets that are compromised in my opinion. Sigh.

And I have to admit that I am asking myself: Why am I still doing this?

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