CRISPR Gene Editing MAY Build the Übermensch of the Future (Video)


My observation and my experience, having seen many people & families in the clinic, is different from what this gene editing scientists think, how they can create intelligent people.

I also know people who work in neuroscience and directly measure the brain of people, who come to the same conclusions.

I know so many people whose parents had an average IQ, but they have an IQ that is 50-70 points higher than that of their parents and I know of very intelligent people whose children have an average IQ.

For me it is the environment and one’s spiritual connection that determines the outcome.

And this can be changed at any moment. I know many methods for improvement. I know many people with a measured IQ between 145 and 165 and I consider them to be quite normal.

Yes, they are quite good in their field, BUT more often than not they still cannot join the dots and bring the pieces of the puzzle together, their self-reflection and ability to change are not better in any way and their memory is also not special.

Personally, I think/believe/know that IQ measurements are overrated.

What if you can teach someone (who is right-handed) to access more of the power of the right (parallel processing) hemisphere of the brain that works at a constant 40-60 BILLION bits per second and bring this into your left (serial processing) hemisphere of the brain that is processing at only 20,000 bits per second?????

Many of those people with a high IQ are just good in using the left hemisphere slightly more efficient than those with an average IQ.

Also here there are of course exeptions and I’ve met people who not only access more of the left hemisphere, but also more of the right hemisphere of the brain and those I consider to be truly intelligent.

If the parents of a future child were well nourished with all vitamins and nutrients before conception and you would protect that baby during pregnancy and after birth from all that could damage its brain, then you could turn almost any baby into a Nikola Tesla (who was by far more intelligent than Einstein).

As I’ve said before, if you can teach somebody to access the power of the right hemisphere, then he/she would be able to beat all of the ten top rated chess players in the world blindfolded, playing all of them simultaneously, after having studied chess for a relatively short period of time.

Consider somebody being able not only to play only the strongest moves, but also the ones that your opponent fears the most!!!

A human being that has this ability would still be able to beat any supercomputer, because it would play only the moves that it would know in advance would beat the computer!

H/t reader kevin a.

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