3D Printed Self Healing Gel Can Repair Your Smashed Phone Screen

http://allakinda.com/?feed=rss23D Printed Self Healing Gel Can Repair Your Smashed Phone Screen:

Melbourne Chemical Engineering researchers are developing a gel that prevents your phone screen from cracking and also can repair screens.

It’s that moment of horror when your phone hits the concrete floor with a bang. How often have you had to pay the hefty cost of having to fix your phone screen? Or, are you someone who just lives with their smashed “spider” screen?

Either way, 3D printing could save you money or scratched fingers in the future. University of Melbourne researchers are developing a unique “self-healing” gel.

Its aim is to prevent screens from cracking or make sure they can “heal themselves” if they do. But, the gel also has a whole host of other uses too, such as “healing” car scratches.

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