There will be no updates on Saturday, Sunday and Monday


Have a great weekend.

By the way, are you prepared?

Do you have…?


Do you have a good backpack?

For different scenarios….

INCH bag = “I’m Never Coming Home” Bag

BOB = “Bug Out Bag”

GHB = “Get Home Bag”

EDC = “Everyday Carry” Kit

For example the…

TT Range Pack MK II:

Probably a better/good choice for women is the TT Pathfinder MK II (75l):


Do you have a really good survival knife (your life may depend upon it)?

Cold Steel 3V SRK:

The cheaper version is the Cold Steel SRK VG-1.


Do you have a good sleeping bag:

Perfect all-round sleeping bag:

Carinthia Defence 4

High-performance winter sleeping bag:

Carinthia Defence 6:


Fire steel?

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter


Water purification/filter, flashlight, saw, first aid, tarp, tent, bivy-bag (Carinthia), good hiking boots (Hanwag Alaska), clothes, merino wool socks, paracord, multitool, axe, weapons, rechargeable batteries, USB solar charger, energy bank, binocular, food, water, compass, maps,  …

… and the list goes on and on.

Start somewhere.

Make a list and get ready.

* * *

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7 thoughts on “There will be no updates on Saturday, Sunday and Monday”

  1. Media blackout?
    Nothing of any significance has developed for a few weeks, indicating we ARE overdue another False Flag event.

    This most certainly fits the bill, as Joe BigMac still has no idea who created, arms, trains and funds ISIS….the CIA, MI6, House of Saud & Mossad.

    We shall see.


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