AND NOW: EU to replace Britain with ALBANIA? Juncker launches big push for full membership

EU to replace Britain with ALBANIA? Juncker launches big push for full membership:

ALBANIA could be next to join the European Union and replace Britain after Brexit as Brussels Eurocrats insisted the country has its “continued support”.

The ex-communist nation is a formal membership candidate for the EU, but the process has been slowed by the crumbling bloc and member states who do not want to allow new countries into the 28 member union.The eastern country became a candidate country for membership in 2014, but so far failed to meet a series of requirements needed to an accession.
And Jean-Claude Juncker said the vote shows the Albanian government has a “clear mandate” to continue reforms which will help the nation achieve membership status.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Edi Rama, the European Commission President said: “I welcome that following the elections you have reached out to the opposition, stressing the need to overcome inter-party contrasts and underlining the common challenges ahead for Albania.“The EU path of your country will indeed require constructive cross party dialogues and cooperation.“Albania is a very important partner for the EU and the European Commission looks forward to continuing the close cooperation on preparing Albania for further advance membership of the European Union.”

He added that “concrete efforts” will be needed to further reform the corrupt justice systems, but insisted the country has “continued support” from Brussels.

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