3 thoughts on “Lorenzo Delcazzo – ‘The Europe of Minorities’ (Video)”

  1. This video – on the frontpage there is another video. If opened from frontpage, there is E3_G8xhzH6Y and here is avn3PEG639s …
    Same for 911 video, different one linked from front-page… Same for Clinton video…

    Is it a method to hide these videos from Google or other automatic engine scanning the front-page ?

      • I am sorry, this is probably error in my Firefox…
        (There is “Address not found” frame instead of youtube videos, and I use “View frame info” to get the address for downloading it. When refreshing page with multiple such frames, it seems that Firefox reuses old “Address not found” frames for new videos and “View frame info” does not correspond to address in new page source after refresh ?? )


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