#Austria: Afghan migrant attempts to #rape woman in broad daylight – #MigrantCrisis

Austria: Afghan migrant attempts to rape woman in broad daylight:

People visiting a Vienna park have courageously stopped a particularly brazen sex assault against a 24-year-old woman yesterday on 22 June in broad daylight. Following a physical confrontation with the perpetrator of the attempted rape, the vigilantes even managed to capture him. The man, a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, was subsequently handed over to police.

According to OE24 and Vienna Online, the intended victim was assaulted while she was sitting in Donaupark. Since the woman was enjoying the afternoon sun with closed eyes, she didn’t notice the Afghan migrant sneaking up on her. The attacker then suddenly jumped the woman, sat on her upper body, and started pulling off his own trousers “in order to rape the victim,” police have stated.

Unable to free herself, the terrified woman’s only option was to scream, thereby trying to alert passers-by to her ordeal. Fortunately, two students and a Swiss couple with a dog came to her aid. They immediately started beating the attacker and succeeded in wrestling him to the ground. Assisted by other park visitors, the vigilantes held the refugee until police arrived.

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