Economy: 9,000 Retail Stores Closing in U.S. in 2017!!! (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“The voice of reason…”

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4 thoughts on “Economy: 9,000 Retail Stores Closing in U.S. in 2017!!! (Video)”

  1. So, the odds of a surge in retail diminish daily.
    I wonder what alternative use, other than soup kitchens and homeless shelters, can be found for these properties.
    As their owners hemorrhage because on reduced income but increased service & maintenance, the ghettoisation of the city looks to be the next stage.

    Again, we have been forecasting this since before 2007, as it became clear world debt was unsustainable, but were laughed at. We are not gloating, because we will all suffer, but still nobody gets together to tackle the real cause of the problem, the banksters, their FIAT money and their hierarchical structure of power.
    Until that is removed, we will be enslaved.


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