What is Amsterdam Police hiding? “No footage of car ramming” while incident surrounded by 15 camera’s

Exclusive: What is Amsterdam Police hiding? “No footage of car ramming” while incident surrounded by 15 camera’s:

UPDATE 14:15: The Police has just released the suspect (who still hasn’t been named) from custody, although he’s still suspected of violating traffic laws. The police has also declared that there is no footage of the incident because:

“During the incident, the camera’s at the Station Square were in pre-set mode. The part where the accident happened was not within view of the camera’s that can be monitored from the Central Surveillance Room. This is why the police doesn’t have footage of the actual ramming.”

Original executive summary:

On Saturday, June 10th around 21:00 at the square in front of Amsterdam Central Station, a car rammed eight people including three Israeli’s, injuring two heavily. The suspect was apprehended at the scene and is still in police custody, but police has thus far refused to reveal his name or background, because “The police is presuming the incident to be an accident,” which would somehow render that information irrelevant. All the police published was that it concerns a 45-year-old man from Amsterdam, who was known to the police for a minor violation many years ago.

The initial police report stated that the man had become “unwell” due to low blood sugar levels and that it was, by all means, an accident without any harmful intent. The next day, however, witnesses disputed the police statement, with many of them suggesting the ramming appeared to have been on purpose.

Now the City’s police spokesman has stated that there is no surveillance footage of the ramming “Because the part where the ramming occurred is not within the view of the camera’s“.

An inquiry by The Old Continent, however, deems this statement to be highly unlikely, since the car’s trajectory is surrounded by no less than 15 camera’s (zoom in on Amsterdam Central Station for a security camera overview). And as can be seen in the picture above, there’s a 360° camera right on top of the crash site.

H/t reader kevin a.

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