Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum As Analysts Warn Of “Military Confrontation”

Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum As Analysts Warn Of “Military Confrontation”:

Shortly after imposing a naval blockade in the immediate  aftermath of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, one which left the small Gulf nation not only politically isolated and with severed ties to its neighbors but potentially locked out of maritime trade and crippling its oil and LNG exports, on Tuesday SkyNews Arabia reported that Saudi Arabia has given Qatar a 24 hours ultimatum, starting tonight, to fulfill 10 conditions that have been conveyed to Kuwait, which is currently involved in the role of a mediator between Saudi and Qatar.

According to media report, among the key demands by Saudi Arabia is that Qatar end all ties Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

While there was little additional information on the Ultimatum and more importantly what happens should Qatar not comply, Al Jazeera reported that Kuwait’s emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, left Saudi Arabia on Tuesday after holding mediation talks with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to try to defuse an escalating crisis between Arab countries and Qatar. No details were given on the talks.

In addition to Saudi Arabia’s aggressive approach, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an “antagonist approach” towards Cairo and said “all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed”. Qatar denied the allegations, with a Foreign Ministry statement describing them as “baseless” on Monday.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, analyst Giorgio Cafiero of Gulf State Analytics, a geopolitical risk consultancy based in Washington, DC, said: “I think the Kuwaitis as well as Omanis … fear the prospects of these tensions escalating in ways which could undermine the interest of all six members of the GCC.

“There are many analysts who believe that a potential break-up of the GCC has to be considered right now.”

“If these countries fail to resolve their issues and such tensions reaches new heights, we have to be very open to the possibility of these six Arab countries no longer being able to unite under the banner of one council,” said Cafiero.

He added that if tension escalates, some have warned of a “military confrontation”.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Qatar was the Rothschild chosen supplier for EU consumers’ Natural Gas, but the planned pipeline had to cross Syria to reach the Mediterranean and thus Greece to EU.
Syria’s Bashar al Assad screwed that up by doing an exclusive deal with Russia, and excluding Qatar.
Cue U.S. intervention o.b.o. the Rothschilds in the form of ISIS followed by a frustrated direct attack, followed by the Russian countermeasures, sealing the impasse.
All these small Middle Eastern States are islamic tribal Kingdoms originating from the times of the Bedu, before the black gold was discovered.
Their rivalry is notorious, as depicted in David Lean’s ‘romantic’ depiction of T.E.Lawrence in the epic, Lawrence of Arabia.
Tribal differences and beliefs have been held down thanks to the flow of Western money/arms in return for oil.
The recent attempt by Saudi to crush shale competition by dropping prices has screwed all of them, leading to dissention.
This development could be a natural underlying fermentation of disagreement, OR it could be being engineered by the British who are deep in the tribal foundations, on behalf of a certain Banking family.”

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