may 26 2017 wujo – cryptos no bubble, temporal markers (Video)


Clif High made so many wrong prediction ….

H/t reader squodgy:

“No bubble?
Interesting explanation/viewpoint on what just might be happening.”


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2 thoughts on “may 26 2017 wujo – cryptos no bubble, temporal markers (Video)”

  1. I think he’s a mix between someone on a roll of fame and someone stretched too thin trying to feed his market of his new source of information.

    Like everyone, mistakes are made, mainly because we cannot know what the secretive controlling cabal of banksters are up to, so no predictive linguistics from the most powerful players can only lead to distorted and unreasoned conclusions.

    It’ his learning curve. Once he learns how to factor in the “black banksters hole” which in itself is a world plan, his probability of error should drop.

    Same with USA Watchdog. I take your point, but again it ‘seems’ like he’s had a really big wake-up call and realised he’s been an idiot and that his only route to credibility is seeing it as we see it, a totally manipulated world market controlled by the Rothschilds both financially and politically through Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, the Mainstream Media and the Rothschild Secret Service, comprising MI6, CIA and Mossad, all three of whom created, fund, train & arm ISIS, for the sole benefit of the Rothschild rape of sovereign nations for their personal control and gain at everyone else’s expense.

    As I learnt to my cost decades ago, no humility results in rejection and no respect.

    • To Squodgy,

      Good for Greg Hunter. 🙂

      You are experienced with predictions, the markets and reality, but there are people out there that hear this and bet their money on what Clif High says.


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