ISIS battles for control of Philippine city of Marawi, Rothschild-backed coup underway. President Duterte asks Russian President Putin for an arms loan to fight ISIS.

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“So the Rothschilds send their dogs of war in…..”

ISIS battles for control of Philippine city of Marawi, Rothschild-backed coup underway:

Philippine president asks Russian President Putin for an arms loan to fight ISIS

(INTELLIHUB) — The Philippine city of Marawi is currently under siege by Islamic State forces and militants have raised their flag over the city as government soldiers, police, and members of the general public fight to their death.

ISIS militants have abducted a Catholic priest and scores of churchgoers as they swept the city burning and destroying almost everything in their path.

The police chief was beheaded by Islamic extremists after being stopped at a checkpoint.


In response to the siege, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the southern Mindanao region for the next 60-days as the battle is expected to intensify.


The Islamic State invasion comes after President Duterte vowed in April to “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from his country when he announced that he would no longer be subject to financial blackmail by the U.S. or the Rothchilds.

As reported by Your News Wire:

The president, who claims to have killed cartel bosses with his own hands, is not one to be bullied, and he has now set his sights on cleaning up the financial corruption in his country, promising to “drive them out like the scavengers they are.”

Asian Banking & Finance reported in February of 2012, how the Rothschilds planned to set up shop in the Philippines to squeeze their way into the region:

In Asia, Rothschild provides investment banking, private banking and venture capital services.

The Rothschilds have set their sights on the Philippines’ growing legion of the wealthy.

Rothschild Singapore Ltd has received government permission to establish a representative office in the Philippines. The office will carry the name, Rothschild (Singapore) Ltd, Philippines.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the central bank, said the office will limit itself to promotional functions. Representative offices, however, have long been used by banks as a precursor to establishing banking operations in a country.

Rothschild Singapore first sought authorization to found a representative office in January 2011 in what is seen as a vote of confidence in the potential of wealth management in the Philippines.

Currently, there are only three countries in the world left who are not under the Rothschild banking system. Those countries are:

  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Iran


Additionally, Duterte stated last fall that Fmr. U.S. President Barack Obama is the “son of a whore” which may have attracted further heat.


As a result of the carnage, President Duterte returned early from his Moscow visit where he requested a soft loan from the Russians to purchase heavy modern weaponry.


“I need to buy [weapons] if you can grant me a soft loan,” the Philippine President asked Vladimir Putin who nodded his head in agreement at Tuesday’s meeting.

Duterte said that the weapons that he ordered from the U.S. are inferior to those of ISIS and he needs more firepower to tackle the extremists.

The Philippine President was invited to the White House by President Donald Trump after the two exchanged a phone call about North Korea in late April.


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