Iran’s Honest Reaction To Trump’s Visit To Saudi Arabia

Iran’s Shockingly Honest Reaction To Trump’s Visit To Saudi Arabia:

We have seen it all before. The Saudis are spending billions on arms which they don’t have the capacity to absorb…The Shah, too, spent billions of dollars buying arms from America, he too had capacity problems. We had 65,000 Americans in Iran, most of them in the armed forces. But then came the revolution and the weapons were used against him and his regime.”

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2 thoughts on “Iran’s Honest Reaction To Trump’s Visit To Saudi Arabia”

  1. What is so shocking about HONEST IRAN ?!

    Iran is one of the most honest and peaceful countries, the sole stabilizer of the middle east…

    • To P.A.Semi,

      Shocking for ZeroHedge.

      I’ve changed the headline.

      There will be war between the Saudis and Iran.


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