German “Murat A.” raped and assaulted woman. She survived by playing dead

German “Murat A.” raped and assaulted woman. She survived by playing dead:

This week, a German case which occurred six months ago on a September night, went to court. The then 24-year-old German identified only as Murat A, assaulted and raped a 40-year-old woman, who he left for dead after having his way with her. The two weren’t strangers and knew each other personally.

Court hearings reveal the story unfolded as follows.

Murat A. and a female companion had drinks in a bar in Erding, Germany. They played some darts, had some beers and went home. At home, the 40-year-old woman picked up her dog to go for a walk through the park. The man joined her for the walk.

The woman has a partner, but he doesn’t join the two. The woman sits down on a park bench, and when she unleashed her dog, the man suddenly made a move on her.

He brutally beat her over the head with a beer bottle, beat her down, and raped her. In defence, she allegedly bit the man’s penis. He finally kicked her and choked her. The woman, so badly injured, then pretended to be dead in order to survive, after which the man left her for dead. She later got up, crawled through the park river, and stumbled out of the park and contacted local residents. When they found her she was, according to a resident:

“naked, with a swollen face, scratched body, and blood-smeared.”

Yesterday, six months later, suspect Murat A. is appeared in court for allegations of rape and attempted manslaughter. The now 24-year-old remained silent at the start of the process. Murat A. had already been in jail for three years for various crimes, like harassment and theft, and therefore knew the court processes well. While the prosecutor read the indictment, Murat shaked his head again and again and finally asks for a cigarette break, which the judge refuses him. Expert reports state that Murat claims to be innocent: 

It makes him sad to be in prison because he has never done anything wrong (…) he gets visits from his mother, who does not believe he has “made such a mess”. He assumes that he will be released from prison after the trial (…) he wants to find a woman and a job.”

To this day, according to her partner, the woman is still heavily traumatised. She has severe psychological problems, no longer dares to go shopping, or to go out with her dog. She will testify next week.

H/t reader kevin a.

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