Advanced Melanoma Tumours DISAPPEAR Thanks to ‘game-changing’ Immunotherapy Drug Treatment – After Doctors Gave Him Just Two Months To Live

Young father’s advanced melanoma tumours DISAPPEAR thanks to ‘game-changing’ drug treatment – after doctors gave him just two months to live:

A young father who was told he had only two months to live has had his brain tumours disappear after receiving groundbreaking drug treatment.

Sydney man Leigh Miller, 29, was diagnosed with advanced melanoma last year that spread to his liver, lung, blood and brain. 

Mr Miller received immunotherapy drugs Yervoy and Opdivo that conjured the power of his immune system to fight the cancer. 

MRI results show the tumours on Mr Miller’s brain have disappeared, one year after treatment.

‘What we want to do is get an army of immune cells to kill the tumour. The first drug gets that army together, the second allows that army to get down there and kill,’ she said.

H/t reader kevin a.

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