Between November 2015 and the end of September 2016, threatened and forced, three boys, the oldest born in 2002, were raped eight times by a teaching assistant working at their school. One of the boys explained that when he protested, the perpetrator threatened him with a knife, holding it to the boy’s neck, he told him to “take off his clothes.”

Media outlets have been reluctant to name the convict’s cultural background. The Old Continent has requested the Swedish court file, which identifies the man as the 30-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, born in Somalia.

In the verdict, according to Expressen, the district court found that the perpetrator, who has no prior criminal record,

exhibited particular ruthlessness and brutality by threatening to spread rumors about the children if [they did] not agree to participate in sexual activities with him, or if they would tell anyone what they were exposed to.”

before sentencing him to eight years in prison for aggravated rape of a child, and the paying of compensation and damages of nearly €1,2 million. The perpetrator made at least one recording of the assaults, threatening to spread the footage if any of the boys told anyone about the rape.

When questioned, one of the boys stressed how painful the experience was for him, both physically and mentally, while another had to tell in humiliating detail how the rapes unfolded. All three children have indicated they suffer from depression and “did not want to live after the rape.”

The case came to light after an acquaintance of one of the boys’ parents happened to see one of the boys wearing just his underwear at the home of the perpetrator. He became suspicious and alerted the police.

Throughout the case, the assistant-teacher has categorically denied all allegations. At one point he went as far as to claim he was good friends with one of the boy’s parents and “part of the family“.

However, the DNA traces the police secured in his home, from used condoms found under his bed, next to cock rings and lubricant, as well as a pair of football shoes in a child’s size on his table, were enough to secure a conviction.