2 thoughts on “Celebrities Expose Occult Entertainment Industry. MK Ultra & Disney Exposed. Celebrities Who Sold Their Soul To The Devil (Video)”

  1. In the case of Pope Francis at center of your last image, they CONVINCED him, that the sign means “I Love You”. He clearly MEANED that, and he did not mean anything else on that photo.
    (just a short explanation)

    Do you think, that ANY sign has an absolute meaning regardless of cultural context ?
    (Like your Buddha’s “concentration” hand-sign being claimed by unholywood for something it is not…)

    (In our completely atheistic central-european country, this “horns” hand-sign means “antlers” (deer horns) and is a sign of a cucked man, a man who’s wife is a harlot or just sleeping with someone else… It is an offence to show it at someone… Very few people know here it can have any other meaning. It always IS culturally dependent…)


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