1 in 7 Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim—80% Are On Welfare – #MigrantCrisis

1 in 7 Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim—80% Are On Welfare:

Refugees Won’t Fix Germany’s Demographic Problems

Germany’s population is declining, and this will cause economic problems—but increased immigration and accepting refugees (migrants) won’t fix it.

In fact, by some estimates refugees have already cost Germany $1,241,050,000,000—this number will only grow, especially since Germany is now paying refugees to leave.

This article looks at the logic behind Chancellor Merkel’s “immigration grows the economy” argument, and nails down the facts.

I find that there are 7.89 million Muslims in Germany, all immigrants (1st, 2nd, or rarely 3rd) or refugees, and that 14.7% of Germany’s population ages 32 and under is Muslim.

H/t reader kevin a.

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