World’s ‘oldest person’ dies at age of 146 in Indonesia

World’s ‘oldest person’ dies at age of 146 in Indonesia:

“The world’s oldest person” passed away in his rural home in Central Java, Indonesia, at the ripe old age of 146 on Sunday.

Mbah Ghoto lived through three different centuries, two world wars, and outlived all of his children.

Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto (grandpa Ghoto), was born in December 1870, according to his unverified birth certificate and identification papers.

Indonesia only began officially recording births in 1900, however, which has prevented an independent, third-party verification of his age.



“Life is only a matter of accepting your destiny wholeheartedly,” he told the Jakarta Post last year.

“I have wanted to die for a long time. My wives, children, and siblings all have passed away, but Gusti Allah [God] has blessed me with a long life. I have to live my life patiently and accept my destiny wholeheartedly.”

He was hospitalized on April 12, but checked himself out just six days later so that he could be with his remaining family.

“Since he came back from the hospital, he only ate spoonfuls of porridge and drank very little,” his grandson Suyanto told the media in an interview.

“It only lasted a couple of days. From that moment on to his death, he refused to eat and drink,” he added.

Sodimejo was buried at a local cemetery in a plot he purchased himself several years ago, with a tombstone that he had commissioned in 1992.

“He didn’t ask much. Before he died, he just wanted us, his family, to let him go,” his grandson said.

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