Trump’s first 100 days: The monumental golf edition

Trump’s first 100 days: The monumental golf edition:

Donald Trump has officially racked up 100 days of service as president of the United States – but 19 of those he has spent on golf courses.

President Trump has spent 10 of the last 14 weekends since he was sworn in on January 20, at one of his golf clubs. And a reported 28 percent of his presidency has been spent in Mar-a-Lago alone.

That’s more rounds than Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton played in all their first 100 days… combined. Much more. In fact, neither avid-golfer Obama nor Bush hit the green at all in their first weeks as commander-in-chief.

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Breaking Down All Of The Trump Family’s Travel Costs And Lavish Expenditures:

President Donald Trump is expected to outpace the entirety of former President Barack Obama’s eight-year travel costs with plenty of time to spare in just his first year as the leader of the free world.

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