Russian Warship Sinks After Collision Off Istanbul Coast, 78 Soliders Rescued

Russian Warship Sinks After Collision Off Istanbul Coast, 78 Soliders Rescued:

A Russian reconnaissance warship has sunk after colliding with a freighter north of Istanbul on the Black Sea on April 27 although all crew members were reported to have been rescued, Dogan News Agency has reported. A number of tugboats and rescue boats were dispatched to the area by the Coast Guard following the collision between the Russian vessel and the Togo-flagged ship, which was carrying livestock.

The Liman

According to the Defense Ministry, ‘the Liman’ collided with another ship, ‘Ashot-7,’ about 40km southwest from the Bosporus Strait. The hull of ‘the Liman,’ a 1,560-ton reconnaissance ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was breached below the waterline, the Russian ministry said in a statement. According to authorities, it has since sunk.

Turkish Coast Guard officials stated that all 78 soldiers on the ship were rescued after the collision.

The collision, which occurred 18 nautical miles away (29 kilometers) from the coast of Kilyos, might have been caused by fog, according to officials.  Media identified the other ship involved in the collision as the Togo-flagged livestock carrier ‘Youzarsif H.’

According to RT, ‘The Liman’ was built during Soviet times in Poland and commissioned in 1970. It is mostly unarmed, but carries a radar station, a hydroacoustic detector and other reconnaissance equipment needed to track surface ships and submarines.

It’s listed as requiring a crew of 85, although it was not immediately clear how many people were on board at the time of the incident.

Acording to Hurriyet, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Y?ld?r?m called Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev by telephone to convey sadness over crash of Russian ship, according to the Prime Ministry sources.

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1 thought on “Russian Warship Sinks After Collision Off Istanbul Coast, 78 Soliders Rescued”

  1. This smells.
    The ship was a spy vessel monitoring transmissions in and around Syria.
    It’s demise is too convenient as the israelis suddenly start hitting Damascus again.
    A sophisticated electronics surveillance vessel, as with all commercial & military ships MUST have up to date radar and satellite navigation systems.

    These collisions are rarer than rocking horse crap.

    My money’s on israel.

    From JFK through to 9/11 & Fukushima, israel has had a very devious hand in manipulating world events to its own ends.


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