UK: Man stabbed to death in horror attack outside #London

The victim, said to be in his 20s, is now the fourth person to be stabbed to death on the streets of the capital in as many days.The incident is said to have broken out at around 7pm last night according to witnesses who say an argument broke out between two groups of people who were hanging around cars near Wandsworth Common before two men chased the victim before lunging at him with a blade.

A witness said they had heard one assailant shout: “I’ll show you what will happen” before stabbing the victim’s throat and then running from the scene.

Passers-by attempted to give the man first aid after he collapsed outside the Wandsworth Preparatory School, where fees cost £13,000 a year.

Paramedics in an air ambulance attended the scene but pronounced the man dead 30 minutes after arriving.

A resident described how his 24-year-old Australian live-in nanny desperately fought to save the young man who “died in her arms”.

The man said: “She saw the argument break out, there was lots of shouting and fronting up between the groups.

“She didn’t see the knife, it was so quick, but the man collapsed in a pool of blood. She stepped in to stop the bleeding and try CPR, she couldn’t just stand there.

“She came back home shaking and covered in blood which gave the kids a fright.

“She’s distraught that she couldn’t save him, she had to coordinate a lot of people in a chaotic situation whilst calling the ambulance.“It looked like he had been stabbed in the neck, his skin had gone so pale, he died in her arms.”

He added: “It’s unnerving and completely unexpected to happen right on your front door step. It’s normally absolutely silent around here. It goes to show murders can happen anywhere these days.”

Former professional cyclist Rebecca Slack, who lives nearby, said: “It’s awful and it happened right outside the primary school. My kids always sit on that corner and play with their phones because there is a Pokémon gym there but thank God they were inside.“They were excited by the helicopter but can’t really register what’s happened yet. My friend was knocked over by one of the men running away.”

A Met spokesman said: “Detectives are investigating the death of a man in Wandsworth.

“Police were called at 7pm to a man stabbed in Melody Road near the junction with Allfarthing Lane.

“The victim – a man aged in his 20s – was pronounced dead at the scene at 7.30pm.

“Officers believe they know his identity, but await formal identification and confirmation that next of kin have been informed.

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