Donald Trump – Illuminati Jew


Donald and his father Fred with Masonic/Brotherhood of Death hand-over-hand Skull and Bones (“X”) Signal.  The sign, or letter X, has a long history of use in the Ancient Mystery Religions, in apostate Judaism, in Freemasonry, and in the Occult. The ILLUMINATI elite use it to this day to symbolize key phenomena and mark significant events.

Donald Drumpf – Illuminati Jew

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First Comment from Kevin Barrett:
Hi Henry,
Thank you for the very informative article on Trump’s illuminati background. This information is new to me.
But don’t lump me with Kevin MacDonald, who really does like Trump. I don’t. Me, I think Trump may be using 9/11 as a political weapon against Jeb Bush, and to a lesser extent against the neocon-supported other candidates (all of them except Rand Paul are owned by neocons). This gives truth-seekers an opportunity to push 9/11 truth into the political conversation and keep right on rubbing the perps’ noses in their foul crime. That’s what I’m trying to do.
Calling for people to disrupt Trump’s speeches hardly equates to considering him a “savior”! And maybe you didn’t notice that I fired Jim Fetzer from False Flag Weekly News due to Jim’s maniacal, irrational support of Trump, and the pathologically rude way he expressed it. On that show I said Trump is a candidate for execution for treason.
So I’m not a Trump supporter – wouldn’t vote for him in a million years – and definitely don’t consider him a savior. More like a dajjal.  But maybe one that can be turned against the other dajjals, to some extent, to weaken them all.
I’m sure you realize that my celebration of Trump’s “positive” response to Martin Hill is not going to help Trump politically!! Quite the opposite.
But it does help keep the 9/11 truth meme in circulation, which keeps the bad guys (including the whole corporate media, etc.) cringing.

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