2 thoughts on “Alex Jones 100% Zionist Controlled Gatekeeper – Just More Evidence (Video)”

  1. Reluctantly I accept this judgement, but I still can’t get my head round the reason he exposed the 9/11 fiasco with such force if it ultimately exposed his masters.

    He’s a very clever man, so it makes no sense.

    • To squodgy,

      Unless he only exposed some elite puppets, i.e. the US gov, thereby gaining an enormous amount of support and credibility in the alternative media community, completely forgetting to mention (and thereby protecting the role of) a certain country and a certain family who must not be named.



      And now, in the end times before the SHTF, he can sell the people anything he wants about Trump and they still believe him.

      Yes, he is a very clever (but not intelligent) man (or he would not sell out his brothers and sisters) and for me it (sadly) does make perfect sense.

      Will post this soon …


      I’ve said several times that people need to do some research into who is funding and working for Alex Jones.

      Also a look at his family will prove to be very helpful in exposing him as an elite puppet.

      All the best,

      I. U.


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