Infinite Unknown Reader on Geert Wilders

In my opinion, Wilders is just another Zionist.

Do the research yourself.

Infinite Unknown reader on Geert Wilders:

“Geert Wilders is a Dutch rightwing politician, who is part of the political establishment in the Netherlands for 20 years now. Originally he was a member of the Dutch parliament for the centre-right party VVD (comparable to the Tories in the UK or the FDP in Germany), until he left that party, because he found them too liberal concerning issues such as foreigners and the islam. He started his own party, called the PVV (Party for Freedom) and he has since then been the most prominent proponent of rightwing opinions in the Netherlands. He thinks the islam is a dangerous religion and that islam, if it isn’t stopped, will take over the Netherlands and its culture. He has proposed such measures as forbidding the qoran and discouraging headscarfs by imposing a tax on wearing them in public. He wants to stop taking in refugees and he wants the Netherlands to leave the EU. His whole agenda fits on one sheet of paper (that is not a joke: his official program for this year’s election is exactly one page long!) and is largely concerned with foreigners and the islam. Other issues on his program are: making sure people may retire from work at 65 years again (it was raised to 67) and stopping subsidies for culture (musea, theatres, etc.) and windmills (that last one is particularly strange, since one could also argue that windmills are a very Dutch thing…). These policies clearly reflect who the majority of his voters are: middleaged white Dutch people, who don’t care much for ‘culture’ or windmills…

Last year he was convicted of inciting discrimination (which is a criminal offence) for telling his audience at a public event of his party that he would make sure that there will be less Moroccans in the Netherlands, after he had asked them if they wantend more or less Moroccans in the country and the audience had screamed “less, less” (people with Moroccan origins make up a large portion of the population with a migration background in the Netherlands). Like Trump in the U.S., he presents himself as ‘anti-establishment’, which is hilarious when one takes into account that he is one of the longest serving members of parliament in the Netherlands and thus intimately a part of the Dutch political establishment. The comparison with Trump also comes to mind when looking at Wilders blond hair. The colour of his hair is interesting, because he dyes it to mask the fact that he is partly of indonesian descent. Imagine him with black hair and that clearly shows. Of course, that would not be a problem, were it not that his whole agenda is based on presenting himself as ‘ultradutch’ on the one hand and on demonising all ‘foreigners’ (in the sense of people who, or whose parents, weren’t born in the Netherlands and who look foreign) on the other hand. The overwhelming majority of people who vote for him, have no clue about this, because the blond hair really does the trick quite nicely and the average Wilders-voter is not normally known for having a very inquisitive mind… So, to conclude: Wilders is not only a dangerous demagogue, who, with his populist agenda, exploits people’s fears to gain power, but he is also a hypocrite.”

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