USGS Finally Admits That Fracking Causes Earthquakes

USGS Finally Admits That Fracking Causes Earthquakes

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3 thoughts on “USGS Finally Admits That Fracking Causes Earthquakes”

  1. Dutchsinse does a good explanation of how fracking sites effectively perforate the earth’s crust, and if numerous enough, deep enough and effectively linear enough, there is potential for magma disturbance and possible tearing of the crust.

    The best current examples are Yellowstone and the Craton/New Madrid fault around heavily fracked Oklahoma, which are both showing extremely active signs of disturbance resulting directly from Fracking.

    Can anyone give a logical explanation of why one should interfere with the unstable core of a supervolcano?

    Whatever, it is nice to see the Papuans must be watching alternative news andshowing distrust of a giant `Rockefeller Global Corporation’, namely Exxon Mobil.

    I wonder if Exxon will respond positively in the real interest of the Papuans?
    Also, I wonder if the Papuans were savvy enough to insist on a ‘full reparation clause’ when Exxon have destroyed the environment?


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