French Protester “Attacks” Presidential Frontrunner Macron’s With An Egg

French Protester “Attacks” Presidential Frontrunner Macron’s With An Egg:

Even as the frontrunner in the French presidential race, Emmanual Macron, who is reportedly catching up on Marine Le Pen in the first presidential round, is building a decisive lead over the National Front candidate in the runoff round, a protester today demonstrated his displeasure with the former Rothschild banker after splattering an egg on the head of the young ex-banker.

Macron was attending an agricultural show when a protester threw the produce at him, splattering the En Marche party member. The confrontation happened while France’s former economy minister attended Salon International de l’Agriculture 2017 in Paris. Footage of the incident shows the minister in conversation before being blindsided with the incoming egg. Members of his security team then rush to protect Macron and chase the food-firing protestor.

To be sure, this is not the first time Macron has been egged. Last June Labour reform protesters pelted eggs at the former Rothschild banker outside a post office in Montreuil.

It is unclear if the “attack” will have an impact on Macron’s polling: according to the latest OpinionWay daily poll, Le Pen is now just one point ahead of Macron in the first round voting, and she is lagging badly in the all important, second round.

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