Farage destroys Verhofstadt during EP debate on migration


Watch! Farage destroys Verhofstadt during EP debate on migration:

The European Parliament today debated on Trump, and more specifically the 90 day travel ban to the US, which he imposed on seven Muslim-majority countries. And let’s not waste too many written words here, because it was a slugfest as usual, between the EP’s two usual suspects: the One man European People’s Army Nigel Farage versus Eurofederal high priest Guy Verhofstadt.

Verhofstadt topped his last month’s meltdowns by going pedal to the metal on Godwins:

“It’s a big risk to bid on nationalism and populism in Europe. We’ve had that already in the past, in the twentieth century. People who thought nationalism and populism was the solution for our continent. And they have created the cruelest atrocities we have ever seen. 20 millions deaths, mister Farage,” Verhofstadt said, somehow under the assumption this is a valid argument.

Subsequently, Farage gave both barrels to the EU Commission, saying it was an unelected body with a monopoly on initiating legislation. When the EP’s president interrupted Farage, demanding he’d show some institutional respect towards the Commission, Farage replied:

“Out of institutional respect for the truth, perhaps you’d agree with me that in the European form of law making, it is the unelected Commission which has the sole right to propose legislation. If I’m wrong in saying that, you can throw me out of this parliament, right here, right now!”

In all: good stuff. These rhetorical spectacles might be the only justification for our EU tax money.

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