Corporate executives, top bankers, global speculators, and power brokers at the annual Alpine retreat in Davos, Switzerland are complaining openly that the rise of populism and nationalism across the United State and Europe is a serious threat to globalism and the New World Order. Ending globalization is apparently hitting them in the pocketbook.

H/t reader squodgy:

“I wonder where they’ll try to hide as populism gathers pace?

As things get worse, the working class will grow as middle class fall through the net, and the bitterness at the expanding wealth gap can only manifest into violence towards those bailed out.

And I don’t think they will be able to rely on the police or armed forces they have methodically offered up for sacrifice for decades, whose families and relatives are also working class.

As I’ve always said, American blinkeredness or “ostrichitis” is their own worst enemy, they just won’t wake up, and the manipulation by corrupt politicians and media will continue till the end, whereas in Europe, the awakening has become more powerful and thus a much greater threat to the establishment.

We are certainly living in interesting times.”

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