And Now The Weather… Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Slovakia: Coldest night ever – Extreme cold across the Canadian prairies

Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Before and after videos:

Almost 7 feet of snow! Videos show the islands of Skopelos and Alonisos before and after the snowstorm.

Ukraine – Severe freeze may damage winter grain crops

Record lows in the Maritimes:

One record goes back to 1880

Extreme cold across the Canadian prairies:

Minus 30C (-22F) in a HUGE number of areas (not exactly sure how the ice is supposed to be melting at these temperatures).

Perth, Australia – Coldest winter in more than 20 years:

But headline talks about 2016 being the coldest year in a decade.

Snow on Greek and Italian beaches – Video

Greek islands declare state of emergency after record snowfall:

Record snowfall on Prince Edward Island:

Not the first record broken this winter.

Rewriting history in Slovakia – Coldest night ever:

“An absolute record in the history of measurements available to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.

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