All the world’s a stage, and they are all Illuminati puppets: Turkey’s first son Bilal Erdogan enjoys dinner with ISIS leaders – Sibel Edmonds: Gulen movement funded by heroin via the CIA

Turkey’s first son Bilal Erdogan enjoys dinner with ISIS leaders

Turkey’s First Son Bilal Erdogan Enjoys Dinner with ISIS leaders

Gulen Movement Funded by Heroin Via the CIA?:

Court records and the testimony of former government officials show that Fethullah Gulen, who presently resides in Pennsylvania, has amassed more than $25 billion in assets from the heroin route which runs from Afghanistan to Turkey.
Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, testified that the drug money has been channeled into Gulen’s coffers by the C.I.A.
“A lot of the drugs were going to Belgium with NATO planes,” Ms. Edmonds said. “After that, they went to the UK, and a lot came to the US via military planes to distribution centers in Chicago, and Paterson, New Jersey.”
Ms. Edmonds further said that Turkish diplomats, who would never be searched by airport officials, have come into the country “with suitcases of heroin.”

According to Ms. Edmonds and other government witnesses, Gulen began to receive funding from the CIA in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union when federal officials realized that the U.S. could not obtain control of the vast energy resources of the newly created Russian republics because of deep-seated suspicion of American motives.Turkey, the U.S. officials came to realize, could serve as a perfect “proxy” since it was a NATO ally that shared the same language, culture, and religion as the other Central Asian countries.

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