And Now The Weather…

Flagstaff bracing for a foot of snow by Christmas morning

Heavy snow turns Jerusalem into a winter wonderland

Camels standing in the snow – Several videos:

Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia – Such snow not seen for many years. Temperature below zero.

A white Christmas for several parts of British Columbia

Extreme cold in northern Siberia breaking records

Snowfall continues in British Columbia

Record low in New Brunswick:

Coldest since at least 1924. Perhaps much longer.

Snow in the Sahara desert- Only the second time in living memory

Record low temperatures across South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota

Look at this map! Bitter cold across almost all of the U.S.

Extreme cold alerts in Mexico

USA and world have entered a ‘Mini Ice Age’, says astrophysicist

Heavy snowfall in Morocco – Many Videos

U.S average temperature colder than any time last winter:

And winter hasn’t started yet!

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