Trump Doubles Down: “Are We Talking About Same Cyberattack That Revealed Illegal DNC Coordination”

Trump Doubles Down: “Are We Talking About Same Cyberattack That Revealed Illegal DNC Coordination”:

With Obama doubling down late Thursday on accusations of a Putin-orchestrated Russian hack, and going as far as vowing retaliation against the Russia for “its meddling in the US presidential election”, telling NPR that “there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing,” moments ago Donald Trump likewise retaliated on his favorite medium, Twitter, when shortly after 6am, Trump suggested that the so-called “Russian hack” disclosed information that was in the public’s interest, once again bringing up the age-old question: if the information is critical and serves the public, does it matter where it came from?

Specifically, Trump asked on Twitter if “the same cyberattack” U.S. intelligence agencies believe struck the Democratic National Committee and other groups was the one that revealed the DNC had been handicapping the presidential primary in favor of eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, as it escalated its allegations about a Kremlin-directed hack, the White House on Thursday claimed that Trump knew about Russian hacking of the campaign well before Election Day, and a spokesman for the Obama administration called on the president-elect to cooperate with a congressional probe into the matter.

Keep an eye on Obama’s impromptu 2:15pm press conference this afternoon, on the off chance the outgoing president decides to launch cyberwar shortly before leaving for his Hawaiian golf outing.

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