Australia: Landscaper, 21, and a colleague were ‘bashed and whipped with belts by gang of African teenagers’ in a vicious attack – ‘They are animals’

‘They are animals’: Landscaper, 21, recalls the moment he and a colleague were ‘bashed and whipped with belts by gang of African teenagers’ in a vicious attack while they worked at St Kilda beach:

  • A 21-year-old man who was viciously bashed described his attackers as ‘animals’
  • Landscaper Andrew was at Melbourne’s St Kilda when the attack happened
  • He said the men who were of African appearance forced their way onto the site
  • Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage in an attempt to find the culprits

A man who was viciously bashed during an unprovoked gang attack while working was stomped on and whipped with a belt by people he described as ‘animals’.

Andrew Wills, a 21-year-old landscaper, was working with his colleague, Nathan, outside the St Kilda Life Saving Club, in Melbourne’s south-east, on Monday at 7.30pm when the incident occurred.

Nathan warned Mr Wills about a group of teenagers – who appeared to be of African appearance – that were pushing their way through the temporary fencing onto the worksite.

Despite yelling at the group to leave the worksite, they were attacked.

‘There was about 30 of them and they all turned at once and attacked me, all of them swinging at once,’ Mr Wills said.

‘I just told them to get out of the construction site and then they just looked at me and they just charged at me like animals, like in the wild, they were wild animals.’

Mr Wills was left with numerous facial injuries following the attack.

‘They were wacking me in the face, one person was wacking me with a belt and another person felt like he had something in his hand as he was hitting me, it just felt really hard not like the punches I was receiving,’ he said.

The pair were left battered and bruised on the construction site after the thugs scattered.

‘Nathan was up against the wall getting beat up. He tried to grab somebody attacking me from behind and then a group of the people attacking me turned on him,’ Mr Wills said.

‘I thought his injuries were a lot worse than me because he was bleeding and I wasn’t but it ended up being mine were at lot worse.’

Mr Wills and his colleague were transferred to The Alfred Hospital after members of the public called the police and paramedics.

After investigating the site police revealed they found a knife as well as a ‘number of other items’.

It is believed the group were harassing other beachgoers for hours and stealing phones before a brawl erupted following a ‘ verbal altercation’.

‘It is believed between 10-30 people were involved in the brawl,’ a Victoria police spokesperson said.

‘A teenage boy and two teenage girls received minor injuries and have been transported to hospital.’

As the brawl erupted onto the worksite the two tradesmen attempted to tell the group to move away from the site.

However the thugs turned on the tradesmen.

As soon as police arrived at the scene the group managed to disperse and escape.

‘I want to provide some reassurance to the community that what occurred last night was not acceptable,’ Inspector Jason Kelly said.

‘The matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be identified.’

Mr Wills noted the legal system needed to be overhauled following the numerous attacks continuously occurring.

‘It’s getting to the point were another country might be better for me,’ he said.

‘I can’t go to work and work a little over time and not be attacked. They’re [the culprits] are learning it’s okay to break the law to do whatever they want.’

H/t reader kevin a.

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