A Look At The U.S. Cold Snap From NASA Infrared Imagery – Raw: Deep Freeze, Below-Zero Temps Hit Minnesota!

A Look At The U.S. Cold Snap From NASA Infrared Imagery – Raw: Deep Freeze, Below-Zero Temps Hit Minnesota!:

This animation of AIRS imagery from NASA’s Aqua satellite from Dec. 1 to 11 shows the movement of cold air over the U.S. Cooler temperatures appear in darker blue and warmer temperatures in dark orange. On Dec. 7, cold Arctic air descended into the Plains states and reached Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. That cold air shifted east on Dec. 9 into the Ohio Valley and New England. Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olsen

The upper Midwest is in the deep freeze, with the arctic air expected to shift eastward as the week wears on. The National Weather Service posted advisories for the Dakotas and Minnesota, with wind chills from 10 to 20 below zero. (Dec. 13)

Our first real Arctic air blasted into the area over night early this morning. Lows this morning reached to -12 below zero.

It was a extremely cold start to the morning in the Twin Cities metro area as air temps were in the -10F with wind chills in the negative 20F range this morning.

After over 24 hours, the big Midwest snowstorm finally starts to clear out, but not after dumping as much as 10 inches of snow to portions of northern Illinois. Heavy snows continued into the evening before tapering off to flurries before midnight, but slippery roads lead to some issues for drivers in and near the town of La Salle near the junction of I-39 and I-80.

Major winter storm continued to hammer parts of northern Illinois Sunday afternoon causing several spinouts and accidents around the city of Rockford in the northern part of the state. Heavy snows quickly overtook roads making for very hazardous travel, including visibility near zero at times.

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