Celente Exposes the Real Losers of the Election …. NOT (Video)


Killary, Hellary (or whatever you want to call her) AND Trump are both elite puppets, serving the same masters.

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Are Both Elite Puppets, Serving The Same Masters

The real losers of this election are the people.


Infowars is not independent at all.

Look up who finances Infowars and who Infowars is not speaking out against.


And now here comes Gerald Celente, who would have (most probably) slammed the nomination of a former Goldman bankster and Soros employee, if Hillary would a have nominated him for Treasury secretary.

So it is all about the money, being interviewed on a pro Trump (Rothschild run) Infowars news outlet, wanting to sell Trends Journal subscriptions, or what?


At least he is watching, whether Trump will keep his promises, or not. 

But he, of all people, should know that Trump is just another elite puppet.

As a side note:

You are never ever going to make it in Manhatten, without serving TPTB. NEVER!

Oh, and what about those great products sold at Infowars?

I’m only saying this much:

Look at Alex Jones, telling us that taking his products made such a difference to his health (even having the audacity to tell us that he lost weight because of them).

His body is just one big load of toxic garbage. He urgently needs to change his diet and detox big time.

Dec 1, 2016

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