3 thoughts on “HOPELESS: Americans Petition to Ban Cash and Issue New Digital Dollar for a Cashless Society (Video)”

  1. I fell out with this site over his blinkeredness of the jew domination in politics, money & the judiciary, so am reluctant to post anything of his.
    But I feel this is important if only for the wrong reasons in that it seems to offer some justification for cash and thus open society, despite pointing to ‘change’ as something that the cashless system can re-allocate to facilitate transport….but fully monitored.
    He factually seems to grasp the fact we are all different, something the PTB have plans to eliminate.


  2. We mustn’t forget, this outfit is probably last on the list of what was the middle class, selling what we would class as crap or low standard stuff.
    However they will be the first to see the trend for prioritising, which is exactly what they are reporting on. Even Joe BigMac is struggling.

    Sadly his priorities for smokes/snorts, Budlight & BigMacs probably won’t change, but deodorant, toothpaste, washing powder etc will all drop a cog.



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